The church and the Jewish people in history

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There is the following Jewish joke: A Rabbi says to God: Assistance, my son became Christian, which I am to only do? God answers: Mach you nothing draus, my son became also Christian. Rabbi: And which you have done? God: I wrote a new will.
This Jewish joke is a joke, but it saves much NOT: If a Jew assumes the faith in Jesus, then he will offend frequently from his family. There is even the tradition that the family sets up a coffin in its house, because this son or daughter for her is dead. Becomes criminally, homosexual the son or Buddhist is long badly as if he the faith in Jesus does not assume not as. In Israel it violently discussed whether pupils and soldiers churches and monasteries to visit to be supposed or not. In mathematics instruction is taught to the children, the plus sign differently to write (without engl. " pedestal"), since it reminds of the Christian cross. Before 10 years the Israeli government published a decree, which forbade, treating the new will in historical instruction. Years are indicated in Israel as " before the time calculation " and " after the time calculation " (e.g. 2000 n.d.Z.), in order to go around the name " Christ ".

What had occurred that most pursuits received the Jewish people by the Christians, who owed the Jew nevertheless their origin? Which is described in the following, one some shocks - there is things, which we often do not know Christian, because they became turned " under the carpet " usually, who very probably admits however the Jew is.

The Christianity has its roots in the Judentum [ foil urchr ]. It solve itself however in the first centuries strongly from this root, so strongly that it became even anti-Semitic. Reasons and stations were:

Emperor Theodosius II. condemned the Judaismus and placed in its " Kodex " legally the Jews outside of the human
Augustinus (354-430), one of the most important church fathers, took a zwiespaeltige attitude. Although it agreed Paulus the
fact that one was to love the Jews, he asked nevertheless, why this still as a people existed, and came themselves to the
following result: God lets the Jews exist as certification for the curse, which comes on all those, which reject the Mr. Jesus. " let
it among us live, but let it suffer and be steadily degraded " writes it in its " treatise against the Jews ".
Chrysostomos (344-407), a large holy of the church, preached about the Jews, it is " common spoiling and the illness of the
whole earth ", it is " humans by the devil is possessed... Yes, they are savage as the wild animals, there them their descendants
kill and the devil weihen." About the synagog it preached: " you is like the soul of the Jews themselves a domicile of the devil...,
Jews pray the devil... their religion is an illness on... For you there is no more improvement, God hates you!".
In the sieved century in different States of (Byzanz, France, Spain) the obligation baptism of all Jews were arranged - also
Jewish children were baptized and taken away from their parents, because it was forbidden to Jews from law educating
Christian children.
In the year 1095 Pope called Urban II. to the first crusade. The " Christian " cross drivers mordeten on the way under the
Jewish communities in France and in the Rhine country: The Jews had to select between the immediate baptism or death. More
than 12000 was murdered, countless other committed suicide. 1099 were conquered Jerusalem, ten thousands of Jews and
Muslims were killed. All survivors Jews were into synagogs. The Christian fighters, who had sewn large crosses on their
Kmleidung, ignited these synagogs then. They let the Jews burn alive, while they ran around and sang the buildings: " pray on
Christ, we you ". The cross drivers under joy tears regarded a thank service subsequently, as their victory. These occurences
make understandable that the symbol of the cross is negatively loaded in the Judentum.
A resolution of the fourth Laterankonzils of the Roman church of 1215 marked the Jews to an outsider people, by forcing it to
differ by a special type clothes from the remaining population to. In Germany and France the Jews a yellow " O " had to carry -
forerunners of the yellow Jew asterisk in the national socialism. [ foil G-3 ]
In the Middle Ages different slandering were invented against the Jews and brought in circulation. Well poisoning, communion
wafer violating, ritual murder and the debt for the plague 1348 were pushed over to them. This gave cause for the extermination
of numerous Jewish municipalities. Anywhere the Jews were not however as cruelly exterminated as in the holy Roman realm of
German nation.

German and French Jew. Due to the church resolution Jews had to carry a registration number.
Because of again and again the occurring false reproach of the ritual murder Jews - here those the city Cologne - were burned
with alive body. Woodcut from that 15. Jh. (photo picture file Prussian culture possession)
The Jews were driven out 1290 from England, 1394 from France, 1492 from Spain. In the German countries followed after the
massacres 13. and 14. Century in 15. Century an endless series of driving out. Around 1500 most catholic kingdoms
possessed no more Jews. The papal possessions formed herein exceptions, therefore Rome possesses the only larger
European Jew municipality, which can pursue their history without interruption from the antiquity to the modern trend! Despite
similar theological reproaches there were few examples of anti-Jewish acts of violence within the area of the orthodoxen church
The Popes operated generally politics, those the Jews isolated and kept dependent by the Jew character, the Ghetto and
Bekehrungspredigten. Obligation baptism and superstitious slandering of the ritual murder and the communion wafer violating
fought them however. These things went out rather with the local religiousness. The church line could not stop however no
more, which had along-caused it by their anti-Jewish theology!

Spain was the last Christian country, besides in which still Jews in considerable number (approx. 200,000) and in certain
prosperity lived.
This peace stopped however immediately after termination of the Arab rule (1391). Still in equal year Ferdinand Martinez,
deputy of the bishop von Sevilla stirred up, the people to the Jew agitation on 50,000 Jews had their life to leave,
hundredthousands was baptized. 1492 were ordered by national page driving out. By 31 July all Jews had received either the
baptism too or the exile to select. Most (approx. 100,000) went to Portugal. But their luck lasted briefly, funf years later under
Spanish printing all Portuguese Jews was obligation-baptized, whereby scenes of cruel force took place. Baptized Jews, "
marranos " (pigs) mentioned (still today in Spain Jews, who believe in Jesus, are called thus, thus " marranos ", " pigs "!) -
baptized Jews had to testify their Christian faith by the meal of schweinefleisch. If they assumed again Jewish customs, they
were submitted the Inquisition (questioning under torture), where they had to admit their offenses and designate other guilty
persons. [ foil G-3 and G-4 ]
Quotation of some typical confessions, which a baptised jewish person had to say:

" hereby I against-say to each rite and observation of the Jewish religion, by despising all its ceremonies, which I held in former
times. I will not keep any habit of my earlier erring in the future of these rites or celebrations, still... I promise to return never
again to the vomit of the Jewish but faith. I will avoid all handling other Jews and will have mine friend set only among
We will not have anything do with the Jews whom are under a curse, who remain ungetauft... We will practice no cutting at the
meat, still the pass ah celebration or the Sabbat or any other celebration will celebrate, which have to do with the Jewish
religion... Which concerns schweinefleisch promises the rule to keep that we, if we are hardly able by long habit to eat it not
because we are discriminating or by a mistake the things to eat refuse, which are cooked with the same... And if one finds us
thereby, any of these rules, which we now mentioned, to break... then is that, which is found during this infringement, either as
the base goes through the hand one of our comrades, by being burned or gesteinigt, or [ if our life is to remain preserved ], we
are our liberty will lose and you us with our property whom also always transferred into the eternal slavery.
I against-say the Hebraeer, cutting, ungesaeuertem bread, all Hebrew celebrations, their victims, prayers to the entire service
(English worship)... Meals. And I against-say absolutely to each custom and mechanism of the Jewish law... in other words, I
against-say absolutely to all Jewish one.
I verfluche the Oberrabiner and all new bad doctors of the Jews... and I believe and admit the gesegnete holy virgin Maria, him
bore after the meat, and who a virgin remained that she is real and actually the nut/mother of God, and I honours and admires
her truly as the nut/mother of the God come into the meat, and as the lady and lady of all creation.
If I deviate from the even way in any way the holy faith soil, and tries, to hold any rites of the Jewish sparkling wines or
otherwise somehow what I now swore, break... in such a way are all curses of the law on me to fall... If my children may fall all
troubles on me and on my house and everything, which afflicted Egypt, and to frightening other one likes me additionally the fate
of Dathan and Abiram to meet, so that the earth swallows me alive, and after I left this life, I will be transferred to the eternal
fire, in the community with the devil and its angels; and if I will arrive before the court of the terrible and wonderful judge, our
Mr. Jesus Christ, like I among the community of those am ranked, which the wonderful and terrible judge will say: " away its
evil author goes, into the eternal fire from me.

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